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There are times when a short term sabbatical is not enough to help you recover your sense of vitality and energy. At other times, ministry has not provided what we had hoped and there is a need for an extended stay, where it is possible, to sort out the call of God on our lives. Our cabin in Custer is ideal for the short term sabbatical. By design we provide a short term intervention that can help you assess your call or provide a place for healing and gaining some perspective. There are times and situations that require more time than we can provide in the Black Hills. What then? Is there another option? What happens if you are between ministry assignments, or your current ministry assignment has not worked as you might have desired? I would still recommend a week with us in the Hills, as there is something about meeting God in a remote location that does something for our souls. Recently we have been able to add to our ministry with a place known as the “Blessing House”. While not located in the Black Hills, the Blessing House is located in another of God’s wonderful places, the Loess Hills of Iowa, not too far from the Missouri River.

The Blessing House is located in rural South Western Iowa, just south of Glenwood, Iowa. The home is located on the edge of a working farm and provides a quiet, peaceful retreat that can help you in a time of transition. The home itself is a three bedroom, two bath, fully furnished home, with a large two car garage, and a full basement. The purpose of the home is to provide you a short term (up to 3 months generally, but an extension could be possible) place for you and your family to discern where God might be leading. The Blessing House would also be a suitable place for families engaged in overseas mission work to use as either a transitional home from the mission assignment to enable re-entry into life in the States. We also believe that missionaries while in the States to report back to their supporters could, also find this home an excellent base for travels as it is located near the Omaha Airport, as well as the major interstates of I-29 and I-80.

Regardless of your ministry status, the Blessing House has been dedicated to helping men and women who are in full time Christian service find a place of rest, respite, or just a place to recover if needed.

If you would like to know more, please contact us and we can provide more information and guidelines as to how this home could be a blessing to you and your ministry.

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